About WHY

WHY /wʌɪ/
women /ˈwɪmɪn/
1. WHY 1st line.
2. womenswear high fashion.
3. redefine women wear with stock fabric and thoughtful cuts, giving you a doorway to
    explore different phenomenon, deliver the message of what you have discovered and
    keep the emotions of your on-going journey.
4. shape your unique style with our design and unveil your inner beauty.
5. limited production by using stock fabric, or remade from existing clothing.
6. collection launch 1-2 times per year.
human /ˈhjuːmən/
1. WHY 2nd line.
2. basic items collection in gender-less size. 
3. offer collectibles with refine cuttings to excite you with vibrant and add verve to your         
4. items launch time to time.
5. no seasonal & trend limitation.
youth /juːθ/
1. WHY 3rd line.
2. embed storytelling in the product, ranging from daily goods, vintage to accessories.
3. offer remade service by using client’s own clothing / product / fabric / materials…etc,
    reinventing your garments to witness your lived experiences and extend your memories
    from the inside out.