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WHY /wʌɪ/


women /ˈwɪmɪn/

1. WHY 1st line. 2. womenswear high fashion. 3. redefine women wear with stock fabric and thoughtful cuts, giving you a doorway to explore different phenomenon, deliver the message of what you have discovered and keep the emotions of your on-going journey. 4. shape your unique style with our design and unveil your inner beauty. 5. limited production by using stock fabric, or remade from existing clothing. 6. collection launch 1-2 times per year.

human /ˈhjuːmən/

1. WHY 2nd line. 2. basic items collection in genderless size. 3. offer collectibles with refine cuttings to excite you with vibrant and add verve to your closet. 4. items launch time to time. 5. no seasonal & trend limitation.

youth /juːθ/

1. WHY 3rd line. 2. embed storytelling in the product, ranging from daily good, vintage to accessories. 3. offer remade service by use client’s own clothing / product / fabric / materials…etc, reinventing your garments to witness your lived experiences and extend your memories from the inside out.

YOUTH : remade service open

Our exclusive remade service are now open.

If you have any memorable clothing, accessories, fabric or any fabric related items, which you don't know how to deal with it or renew it. Please contact us, we would like to listen your story about it and help you to reborn it, with design and love. If you have any clothing or fabric related items just want to donate, please feel free to contact us too! We will use it in our WOMEN line also. You may contact us through our Facebook page or Instagram.